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Welcome!  Wicomico Chapter of Wahunsenakah Lodge #333 Order of the Arrow hopes you enjoy our website!  If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the emails on the right of this webpage.

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is an honor camper Brotherhood chartered by the Boy Scouts of America. Its purpose is to recognize and honor those campers who best live up to the Scout Oath or Promise and Scout Law in their daily lives and to guide them in expanding the service that has made them outstanding.

Election into the OA is by the votes of his fellow Scouts. Results of the election are not  immediately announced. The successful candidates are notified by an OA Call-Out ceremony and/or by a letter inviting the candidate to complete a service weekend “Ordeal” of camping and cheerful service in preparation for their induction into the OA.

Along with the honor for a Scout to be nominated and inducted into the Order, membership requires a certain commitment for future service. An OA member is expected to attend at least 50% of all OA functions. Annual dues are minimal but expected to be paid on time. OA members are also expected to wear the complete Official Boy Scout Uniform to all OA functions and events.

Participation in the OA is beyond, and in addition to your regular Troop events. OA members are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from OA functions and events. Generally, this is not a problem as several youth and adult OA members from your Troop attend most OA functions. Ride sharing is possible, but it is up to the individual OA member to make these arrangements. Activities fees are associated with most functions and events (except Chapter meetings).

There are many opportunities to attain leadership roles and experience as well as to meet and have fellowship with people from other areas. . . and to HAVE FUN! 


Wicomico Chapter
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(updated 6 Mar 17)


 Next Wicomico Meeting - 6 Apr

April 2016 Meeting Minutes


Upcoming OA Events:


2017 National Jamboree - slots open!
     - help as staff or ArrowCorps

2018 NOAC (30 Jul-3 Aug)
     - Indiana State University 


Trading Post is ALWAYS looking for volunteers!

See Mr. Davis if interest in becoming a Chapter Lingamat


?? Future events ?? 
Please send webmaster info other OA may care about!


An OA member is expected, as a minimum, to:
- Attend 50% of Chapter meetings annually. 
Held 1st Thu at 7pm at Yorkminster Presbyterian

Attend two of three Service Weekends each year as well as the Fall Fellowship and/or Holiday Banquet.
  -- These are usually two-night campouts at Bayport

-  Adhere to the Scout Oath and Scout Law; otherwise, parents may be called and the scout will be on probation from attending any more OA functions.

- Holiday Banquet is held one evening in Dec

- OA Section Conclave is a two-night campout in Spring
  -- All Virginia OA Lodges are in attendance

- National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC).
  -- One-week convention of OA from across the US
  -- Hosted on a campus every two years during summer

Wicomico Chapter

Austini B (Chief)
Nathan F (Vice Chief)
Jason Curtis (Secretary)

Ken Hartzog (Advisor)

Joe Harvey (Webmaster)

Wicomico Goals!

- Increase participation during chapter meeting

- Increase the roles of OA reps.

- Include an activity at each meeting

- Achieve Journey to Excellence - at least bronze award

- Increase website use and enhance chapter communication

- Introduce chapter award for participation

- Want more voting for things that Brady suggests

- Increase attendance in chapter meetings especially the troop OA reps.

Order of the Arrow

I do hereby promise,
on my honor as a Scout
that I will always and faithfully
observe and preserve
the traditions of the Order of the Arrow,
I will always regard the ties of Brotherhood as lasting
and will seek to preserve a cheerful spirit
even in the midst of irksome task and weighty responsibilities,
and will endeavor,
so far as in my power lies,
to be unselfish in service and
devotion to the welfare of others.

OA Song
Firm bound in Brotherhood,
gather the clan.
That cheerful service
brings to fellow man.
Circle our council fire. 
Weld tightly every link,
That binds us in Brotherhood,